MUF10 is a Copenhagen-based brand established in 2014.
The brand is rooted in current culture and is known for its bold stylish experimentation and unpredictability. MUF10 has lifted from the hood to high fashion.
MUF10 is about loyalty, trust and keeping it real. It is a spirit where everybody is linked together. 

If one goes down, all goes down. 

It is about staying together for good and for worse. It is the dedication to the squad. 

You are nothing without THE SQUAD. 

Since its establishment MUF10 has become the symbol of hood-wear fashion in Scandinavia. MUF10 has teamed up with non-fashion brands such as Freja Transport and Carlsberg. 

With these collaborations Reza Etamadi, a former criminal, is breaking the rules in new ways and has been able to distance himself from his former life while formingMUF10